Potential alignment of the South-South Cooperation with the Sustainable Development Goals

The 2019 Report on South-South Cooperation in Ibero-America includes an analysis of the potential alignment of the South-South Cooperation of Ibero-American countries and the Sustainable Development Goals, for each of the modalities used in our region: Bilateral SSC, Triangular Cooperation and Regional SSC.

The analysis focuses on the potential alignment of each of the Ibero-American SSC projects and programs with a Sustainable Development Goal (SSC).  Results indicate that (click on each SDG to read more):


As it is usually the case, the main SDG that could be aligned with SSC in Ibero-America is SDG #3, related to Good health and well-being. Most of them were initiatives undertaken to strengthen the Health sector, not only from an institutional perspective but also from the point of view of addressing both the preventive and treatment stages of diseases, as well as the general improvement of quality of life. A total of 124 programs and projects fall into this category, most of them corresponding to the Bilateral SSC, the most relevant modality linked to SDG #3.

ODS 16

A total of 123 projects and programs could be potentially aligned with SDG #16, related to Peace, justice and strong institutions, primarily undertaken using the modality of Bilateral SSC but also the Triangular one. The majority of these initiatives were classified under the sectors of Legal and judicial development and human rights, Strengthening of institutions and public policies, and Peace, public order, national security and defense. However, the alignment with this goal is achieved through a wide variety of projects.


A total of 95 projects and programs could be related to SDG #8 on Decent work and economic growth, targeted at strengthening the different productive sectors, infrastructures and services that ensure the correct economic development. These were mostly Bilateral SSC initiatives, but the Triangular modality was also important. The main sectors related to SDG #8 were the Agriculture and livestock (over a third of all initiatives), Tourism, Business and Work sectors.